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Fiscal Year 2016
Fiscal Year 2016
Bid Type
Bid #
Bid Description
CIP 2016-001 Sidewalk Rehabilitation Award View  View
ITB 2016-01 Traffic Signal Pole Assemblies Award View View
RFQ  2016-02  Feasibility Study - Automated Meter Reading  Award  View   View 
CIP 2016-002 Street Rehabilitation Award View View
CIP 2016-003 Rehab of First Colony Elevated Storage Tank            Award View View
ITB 2016-03 Package #4 Audio Visual Award   View   View 
CIP 2016-004 Replacement of Highway 59 Water Line and Sanitary Force Main Crossing Award   View   View 
RFQ 2016-04 Parks Recreation Open Space Master Plan Award  View View 
CIP 2016-005 Bridge Rehabilitation  Award  View  View 
RFP  2016-05 Health and Welfare Employee Benefits Award  View View
RFP  2016-06 Lighting / Camera Package for the Smart Financial Centre Award  View View
CIP 2016-006 Union Pacific Railroad Rail Relocation Award  View View 
ITB  2016-07 Custodial Services for City Facilities Award  View View
CIP  2016-007  Festival Site Roadways   Award  View  View 
RFP  2016-08 Right of Way Mowing Services  Award  View View 
CIP 2016-008 Hwy 6 Maxicom Irrigation Retrofit Rebid  View View 
RFP  2016-09 Landscape Beautification Services Award  View View
CIP  2016-009 Rehabilitation of 24-Inch Force Main and Proposed 24-Inch Water Line Upgrade Award  View View 
RFQ  2016-10 Ditch H Trail Engineering Design   View  
CIP  2016-010 Lift Station Rehabilitation  Award  View  View
CIP  2016-011 Covington Woods Drainage Offline Pond Award  View View 
CIP  2016-012 Collection System Critical Line Rehabilitation Project C Award  View View
CIP  2016-013 Hwy 6 Maxicom Irrigation Retrofit Award  View  View
CIP  2016-014 Riverstone Water Well Rehabilitation Award  View View
CIP  2016-015 U.S. Highway 59 / Commerce Green Water Main Replacement Award View View
CIP  2016-016 Brazos River Park - Restroom Facility Award  View View 
CIP  2016-017 Festival Site Lift Station and Force Main Award View View
CIP  2016-018 Brazos River Park Landscape & Irrigation  Award  View View
CIP  2016-019 Town Center Sidewalk Improvements Award  View View
CIP  2016-020 Industrial Boulevard Paving and Drainage Improvements Award  View View
CIP  2016-021 Lonnie Green Park Rebid  View 
CIP  2016-022  Sugar Creek Phase III Drainage Improvements  Award View View
CIP  2016-023 Rehabilitation of 0.4 MG Ground Storage Tank Award  View View
CIP  2016-024 Covington Woods A-22 Bournewood Trunk Line Award  View View
CIP  2016-025 30"/20" Surface Water Transmission Line from Stubout at First Colony Water Plant to No. 1 Riverstone Water Plant  Award View View

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