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Annexation Planning-Greatwood & New Territory
On October 13 and 25, a workshop discussion was held with City Council on the financial impacts of the concurrent annexation of Greatwood and New Territory.

The City and the municipal utility districts in Greatwood and New Territory have been planning for the eventual annexation of these areas into the City through the creation of Strategic Partnership Agreements (SPAs), which were approved by both the City and the districts back in 2007. These SPAs laid the foundation for future annexation of the districts and provision of services to their residents.

City staff has been monitoring the financial impacts and have made a recommendation to move forward with annexation of both areas in December 2017. With Council direction, an ordinance to annex the two developments will be placed on a November 1 and 15 City Council agenda for consideration, as the SPA requires the City provide one year written notice of annexation to the districts.

Annexation of both areas results in a nearly 34% increase in population, and requires advance planning to prepare and provide services to the annexed areas at the same level as provided in the rest of the City. A budget amendment will provide funding in FY17 to allow the City to acquire vehicles & equipment, and hire and train staff to be ready to provide service to the annexed areas in December 2017.

This document presents an overview of the financial impact by fund. The workshop slides are available as well. 

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