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2016 - 2017 Budget Process
2016 - 2017 Budget Process
Responsible Government begins with a clear and transparent budget process.

Low Tax Rates & High Level of Services
How can the City accomplish both? The answer is sales tax and targeted property tax cuts. Learn more >>

Latest Budget News
City Manager Submits Proposed Budget
City Manager Allen Bogard recently submitted to City Council a proposed $260.4 million budget for fiscal year 2017. Learn more >>

Proposed Budget - Quick Facts
  • $260.4 million - proposed budget for fiscal year 2017
  • Focus is to maintain the City’s high quality services
  • Homestead exemption raised to 10 percent to offset an anticipated 3 percent increase in the average residential tax bill
  • Water and wastewater rates unchanged for a sixth consecutive year
  • Residential solid waste and recycling costs will increase 77 cents per month
  • Funding of a workforce of 722.5 full-time employees

Proposed Budget Presentation to City Council
How does the City maintain one of the state's lowest tax rates while funding a high level of City services? How is tax relief provided? These and other questions are answered by City Manager Allen Bogard. Watch and learn to connect the dots.

Tough Jobs - Budgeting
Navigating the City's budget can be difficult, see how the "Magic of Budgeting" can help make it a lot easier.  

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