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Arrive Alive Sugar Land
Arrive Alive
Thousands of people die every year in crashes related to distracted driving. Using handheld devices takes more attention away from driving than other types of distractions.

About the Potential Ordinance
More than 60 Texas cities have passed ordinances that regulate the use of mobile devices. Two Options are being considered:

  • Option 1:It is unlawful to use a handheld mobile device for texting or social media while driving, but can be used to make a phone call.
  • Option 2: It is unlawful to use a mobile handheld device while driving that is not in the hands-free mode, unless the vehicle is pulled off the road and not in motion or for making an emergency call.
  • Option 3: Neither, do not see an immediate need for either #1 or #2. 

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Your feedback is important
Residents are encouraged to provide their feedback of how to best prevent accidents caused by distracted driving. Opportunities include:

HOA, or civic association meetings
  • October 19 - District 3 & 4 Town Hall Meeting
  • October 26 - District 1 Town Hall Meeting
Online Town Hall 
  • Take a quick online survey and provide your comments on the ordinance option of your preference. Take the survey >>

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I still pick up my phone to make an emergency call? 
  • Can I still use my GPS while driving?   
  • When can citizens expect the implementation of this ordinance? 

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Did you Know? 
Use of mobile devices are:
  • Responsible for 1100 accidents a day in the U.S.
  • 1.6 million accidents a year
  • 6,000 fatalities
  • 11% of driving public using a mobile handheld device at any given time while driving 

Stay Informed 
Would you like to stay informed as the proposed ordinance moves forward?

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