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Project Details
The new track will extend from Ulrich Street to Gessner Road in Missouri City and requires two phases of work. The first phase involves preparations such as grading. While most of the work will be done on Union Pacific’s property, it will require temporary closing some railroad crossings.

Crews will install the new track through roadways during the second phase, which may begin April 2015. The second phase also requires the need to close the same crossings temporarily.

Communicating with the Community
Union Pacific is committed to working with the City of Sugar Land to ensure the public is informed of road closures and alternate routes in advance. In addition, message boards will be placed to notify drivers of upcoming closures approximately two weeks in advance.

Work Schedule
Work is expected to take place between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Following is a schedule for the initial crossing closures, which is subject to change due to advances or delays.

Potential dates for the following temporary road closures to be provided at a later date: Eldridge Road, Gillingham Lane, Schlumerger Drive (north and southbound), Industrial Boulevard and Dairy Ashford Road. Message boards will be placed approximately two weeks in advance to notify drivers of upcoming closures for these crossings as well.

Wayside Horns
Wayside horns will remain in place during the first phase of the project, however, additional safety measures will include requiring approaching trains to sound bells and horns while crews are on the work site. Sounding train horns under these circumstances is mandated by railroad operating rules and is not considered to be in violation of the quiet zone. Since work is expected to take place between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., train horns should not sound overnight. This could change if there is an unforeseen issue that requires work at night or if there is an unexpected issue with the wayside horns.

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