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Fiscal Year 2013
Bid Type
Bid #
Bid Description
CIP TR1302  2013-01  Multipolymer Pavement Marking Project 
Awarded N/A View
CIP WA1203  2013-001  Water Line Replacement at Barrington Place 
Awarded View
RFQ  2013-02  Covington Woods Drainage Improvements Preliminary Engineering Report 
 Awarded View
CIP PK1307 
2013-002  A-22 Ditch Hike & Bike Trail 
RFP  2013-03  Development of a Bond Election Strategy & Branding  Awarded
CIP WA0902 
2013-003  Sugar Creek Replacement Well   Awarded View
RFP  2013-04  Parks Landscape Maintenance Services 
CIP WA1302  2013-004  Austin Parkway Water Well Rework 
 Awarded View
CIP WA1204 2013-005 River Park Waterline Interconnect  Awarded  View  View
CIP WA1202  2013-006  Rehabilitation of the 1.5 MG Firt Colony Water Plant Ground Storage Tank 
 Awarded  View  View
CIP WA1206 
2013-007  U.S. Highway 59 Water Line Replacement at Dairy Ashford Road / Sugar Creek Boulevard
 Awarded  View  View
ITB  2013-07  Continuous Lighting Maintenance    Awarded View
CIP TR1303  2013-008  Wayfinding Sign System 
 Awarded  View  View
RFP 2013-09 Design & Construction of a New Pumper Truck  NOT AWARDED N/A  N/A
CIP ST1302 2013-009 Sidewalk Rehab  Awarded  View  View
RFP 2013-10 Water Meter Reading Services  Awarded View  View
CIP ST0901 2013-010 University Bld North  Awarded  View  View
RFQ 2013-11 Investment Broker Dealer Service  Awarded  View  View
CIP SW1305 2013-011 Sugar Lakes Raw WAter Supply Pump Station  Awarded  View  View
RFP 2013-12 Water Meter Replacement Program  Awarded View  View
CIP ST1301 2013-012 Lexington Blvd Bridge Rehabilitation  Awarded  View  View
RFP 2013-13 Cleaning-Televising Inspection & Vactor Services  Awarded View  View
CIP TR1306 2013-013 US59/SH99 Southbound Frontage Road u-turn lane extension  Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-14 Large Meter Testing Services   View  
CIP DR1204  2013-014 Ragus Lake Drainage Improvement Project Awarded View  View
RFP 2013-15 Scheduled Backhoe Repair Services  Awarded View View
CIP WW1201 2013-015 Lift Station Rehabilitation  Awarded  View  View
RFP 2013-16 On-Call Emergency Backhoe Repair Services  NOT  AWARDED View N/A
CIP WW1301 2013-016 Rehabilitation of the 0.75 MG Merrick Elevated Water Storage Tank Award  View  View
RFQ 2013-17 Citywide Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) System  Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-18 Television Operations Equipment  Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-19 Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals-Sodium Chlorite  Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-19 Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals-Liquid Ammonium Sulfate  Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-19 Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals-Chorine Gas & Sodium Hypochlorite Awarded   View  View
ITB  2013-19 Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals-Citric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Bisulfate and Sodium Hydroxide  Awarded  View  View
ITB  2013-19 Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals-Zinc Orthophosphate  Awarded  View  View
CIP MU1303 2013-20 Permit Office Renovation  Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-21 Purchase of Water Parts              1 of 2 contracts awarded Awarded  View  View
ITB 2013-21 Purchase of Water Parts              2 of 2 contracts awarded  Awarded  View View
ITB 2013-22 Purchase of Water Meters  Awarded  View View
ITB 2013-23 Purchase of Fleet Vehicles  Awarded  View  View
RFQ  2013-25 Street Reconstruction Projects-Multiple Projects listed below  Awards below  View  Awards below
CIP ST1406 2013-25  Lakefield Subdivision Street Reconstruction  Award   View
CIP ST1407 2013-25 Austin Parkway Street Reconstruction  Award   View
RFQ  2013-26 Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) - Performing Arts Center - Step 1 of a Two-Step Process Award View  View
RFQ 2013-26 Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) - Performing Arts Center - Step 2 of a Two-Step Process  Award  View  View
ITB  2013-27 Purchase of Chevrolet Vehicles  NOT AWARDED View  Rebid 2013-29
ITB  2013-28 Printing of City Publications  Awarded View  View
ITB  2013-29 Purchase of Chevrolet Vehicles  Awarded View  View
RFQ 2013-30 Resident Project Representative (RPR) for the Performing Arts Center  Award  View  View
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