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Trees and Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming
Trees are valuable assets to the City of Sugar Land and its citizens. Sugar Land residents and business owners are required by City ordinance to trim their trees if public rights of way are affected. Properly pruned trees ensure large vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances and garbage trucks can safely navigate City streets with a clear view of traffic safety devices.

The Public Works Department inspects trees annually for compliance to the Tree Trimming Ordinance. (City of Sugar Land Code of Ordinances Part II, Chapter 3, Article 9, Div. 5 Vegetation, Sec. 3-164., Trees and objects in the visibility triangle or right of way.)

Tree Trimming Inspection Schedule

Tree Trimming Brochure

Tree Health
Trees are valuable assets to your property value and the environment, and pruning involves making good decisions for the health of the tree. Try to keep it simple. Use tools that are sharp and clean, and prune only the lower limbs required for clearance, as well as any broken or dead branches. Heavy thinning of interior branches is not necessary and is not healthy for trees. For large limbs and limbs that can’t safely be reached, Sugar Land recommends hiring a professional arborist. For more tree care information and tips and for information on local arborists refer to Trees Are Good.

Tree Care Information Sheets
Trees in Sugar Land

What Your Tree Needs and Why

Why Hire an Arborist?

Benefits of Trees

Value of Trees

Before Tree Buying and Planting

Tree Selection

Buying High-Quality Trees

Avoiding Tree and Utility Conflicts

New Tree Planting

Proper Tree Care Techniques

Mature Tree Care

Plant Health Care

Trees and Turf

Proper Mulching Techniques


Pruning Your Tree

Pruning Young Trees

Pruning Mature Trees

Tree Hazards and Treatments

Why Topping Hurts Trees

Insect and Disease Problems

Recognizing Tree Risk

Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction

Treatment of Trees Damaged by Construction

If you have a question about maintenance responsibilities, contact your homeowners association or the City of Sugar Land Public Works Department at 281-275-2450.

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