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Imperial Park Recreation Center

Admission Fee

$10/yr Sugar Land Resident | $58/yr Non-Resident


Recreation Center Fees

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  1. Basketball
  2. Chairs
  3. Exercise Classes
  4. Exercise Room
  5. Game Room
  6. Internet
  7. Kitchen
  8. Locker Room
  9. Meeting Rooms
  10. Parking
  11. Refrigerator
  12. Restrooms
  13. Showers
  14. Tables
  15. Tennis
  16. Volleyball
The Imperial Park Recreation Center is located at 234 Matlage Way next to the T.E. Harman Center.  The recreation center was designed by Brinkley Sargent Architects.

The IPRC is composed of more than 17,000 square feet including, a full gymnasium, an exercise room, two multipurpose rooms, a video gaming room, a kitchen and a beautiful patio/garden area.

Reservation Eligibility
  • In order to receive resident rental rates a valid (Sugar Land) Texas driver's license and City of Sugar Land water bill will be required to show proof of residency.  Applicants that have Sugar Land as the city on their license but the address does not fall within the corporate city limits will not receive resident rates.
  • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • The person signing the application must handle all transactions, inquiries and changes.