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1. Will the flooding that we have experienced over the past three years with the Brazos River become more severe with the run-off from development of "activity centers"?
2. If a regional activity center is built on Tract 5, University Boulevard & US 59 by Smart Financial Centre- will Ditch H be able to handle the run-off? Will Telfair flood because of this development?
3. What is the Land Use Plan?
4. What is the Update?
5. Why is the Land Use Plan being updated?
6. What is the Land Use Advisory Committee?
7. Who participated in the Land Use Plan Update?
8. Has public input been considered?
9. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
10. When this Plan is adopted does that mean no one can oppose a proposed development if it follows the guidelines proposed in the Plan?
11. How will this Plan prevent our schools from being impacted?
12. When will all the "redevelopments" proposed in the plan be built?
13. What is an Activity Center?
14. How does the draft Land Use Plan strengthen guidance on multi-family housing? How does the draft Land Use Plan guidance on multi-family compare to the guidance in the current/existing Land Use Plan?
15. What clarifications to the Plan did the LUAC suggest?