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Category GraphicRumor versus Fact
 4/14/2016 9:28 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicSecret, quiet, closed meetings
 11/13/2015 4:55 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicRescinding the updated development code to fall back to the old one
 11/13/2015 4:56 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicWhat is the timeline of events reaching to the passing of Resolution No. 15-37 by City Council?
 11/13/2015 4:56 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicCan a referendum petition be used to amend zoning or eliminate zoning regulations?
 11/13/2015 4:57 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicIt is a conflict of interest for City Council members to also serve on the SLDC Board of Directors.
 1/26/2016 6:44 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicOrdinance 1922 allows a Council member to vote on issues where there may be a conflict of interest.
 1/25/2016 10:14 a.m. N/A
Item Graphic350 apartments are planned for The Promenade at U.S. Highway 90A and State Highway 6
 1/29/2016 4:17 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicHomeowners’ property taxes are going up because of the Performing Arts Center.
 1/29/2016 4:26 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicThe City of Sugar Land is seeking to STOP CITIZENS’ RIGHTS TO PETITION!
 2/4/2016 9:30 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicThe City of Sugar Land used taxpayer money to oppose statewide Open Meetings regulations.
 2/3/2016 3:35 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicIs Sugar Land's water supply safe?
 2/23/2016 12:00 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicDoes the City plan to make Brooks Street a one-way street?
 3/10/2016 9:11 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicDoes Ordinance 2014 violate state law and the City's Comprehensive Plan?
 3/10/2016 3:18 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicOrdinance 2014 doesn't allow two-story buildings under urban requirements
 3/16/2016 4:04 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicClassification of the senior independent living facility use (Telfair Tract 5 PD zoning application)
 5/27/2016 4:33 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicPD approved, age-restricted senior independent living facilities can be converted
 5/27/2016 4:32 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicThe City should or can hold a referendum election regarding the use of red light cameras.
 6/22/2016 2:59 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: The city of Sugar Land can control the railroads and rights of ways at the crossings
 6/5/2017 2:07 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicThe city knows when the railroad crossing arms are down or malfunctioning
 5/30/2017 8:40 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: The Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land has building violations
 6/5/2017 2:08 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: Sugar Land allows short-term rentals to operate within the city limits.
 6/21/2017 9:19 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: Short-term rentals are prohibited because they do not generate HOT taxes like a hotel would.
 6/21/2017 1:35 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor:Voters approved two of three projects in 2013;City says voters ok'd tax increase for three.
 8/16/2017 4:19 p.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor:Tax increase/service cuts avoidable if taxes not used on nonessentials like TSTC & public art.
 8/17/2017 8:18 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: The city spent public money to improve a golf course.
 8/17/2017 10:16 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: The city spent $760,000 on a crosswalk.
 8/17/2017 10:19 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: The city is spending $10 million on a bridge over Oyster Creek.
 8/17/2017 10:21 a.m. N/A
Item GraphicRumor: The city is opposed to the state’s attempt to create property tax relief for local residents.
 8/18/2017 5:03 p.m. N/A