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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

  1. A message from Dr. Joe Anzaldua, City of Sugar Land Health Authority

    April 4

    The Centers for Disease Control  now recommends that everyone wear a cloth facemask when out in public areas to protect others in case they are unknowingly carrying coronavirus.

    A summary of the CDC’s recommendation follows:

    • Cover your mouth and nose with a CLOTH face cover when around other people such as going to the grocery store or other essential activities.
    • The CLOTH face cover is meant to protect OTHER people in case you are infected.
    • Do NOT use a medical or surgical facemask intended for healthcare personnel, such as first-responders, doctors, nurses and other medical office or hospital staff.
    • CLOTH face coverings should NOT be placed on:
      • children under the age of two; or
      • anyone who has difficulty breathing, unconscious or incapacitated as they may not be able to remove the face cover without assistance.

    And remember…the CLOTH face cover is NOT intended to replace social distancing. Please continue to keep about 6 feet distance between yourself and others.  For more details, please visit the www.cdc.gov.

    City updates and information at www.sugarlandtx.gov/Coronavirus

  1. Accurate and Reliable Information

    For accurate and reliable information, please be sure to visit the following resources. They are the authoritative sources of information.

    Fort Bend County
    Texas Department of Health and Human Services
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    Impact to City Services

  1. At Computer Typing

    Online Payment Portal Compromised

    A limited number of individuals who completed a transaction between August 30 and October 14, 2019, might be affected. Learn more about actions taken by the city to ensure the continued safety of the city's payment system.
  2. 311 Sugar Land

    311 Sugar Land

    Sugar Land’s 311 contact center offers a single point of contact for non-emergency city information and enables residents to make service requests.
  3. Goal Measures Dashboard

    Goal Measures Dashboard

    The Goal Measures Dashboard is an online tool that measures the city’s progress on attaining key outcomes for residents.


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Did You Know?

  1. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to transportation, but at one time or another most people are either a driver or a pedestrian. Watch this and other informative videos and learn more about walker safety - or, if a driver, how to be safe around pedestrians and bicyclists.

Notice of Adopted 2019 Tax Rate

The City of Sugar Land adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate. The tax rate will effectively be raised by 9.48 percent and will raise taxes for maintenance and operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $15.74.

The city tax bill for the average value home of $375,289, with a 12% homestead exemption will increase by $24 compared to last year’s tax bill.