Change of Ownership

The change of ownership at a food establishment can occur due to the purchase of a currently operating food establishment or the purchase of a currently closed food establishment.

Purchase of a Food Establishment

An individual who is interested in purchasing a food establishment, whether it is currently in operation or not, should contact Food Inspection at 281-275-2170 prior to the purchase of the food establishment in order to discuss the details associated with a change in ownership at a food establishment.

Prior to the approval of a change of ownership permit, the senior sanitarian will conduct both a pre-opening courtesy and final inspection at the establishment. At that time, the owner will have the option to transfer the old permit or purchase a new permit. A transferred permit will be valid for the remaining life of the original permit; however, if the buyer chooses to purchase a new permit, it will begin on the date of the approved inspection.

Please note that resuming operations of a previously closed establishment without a Food Establishment Permit may result in immediate cessation of operations and a citation. Should any modifications need to be made to a food establishment during this process, the buyer will also need to follow the guidelines regarding construction and remodeling.

Transfer of a Food Establishment Permit

A City of Sugar Land Food Establishment Permit may be transferred from the seller of a food establishment to a buyer based upon an inspection of the establishment conducted by the city prior to the closing of the sale.

The following steps must be completed in order to transfer a food establishment permit:
  1. Contact the senior sanitarian prior to the purchase of an establishment
  2. Schedule a courtesy and change of ownership final inspection
  3. Obtain a food establishment permit

Please note that approval or permitting from the Food Inspection Division does not indicate approval from other city departments that may also be involved in the change of ownership process. The buyer is responsible for obtaining approval from all applicable departments.