Fiscal Year 2018

Bid  Type         
Bid #
Bid Description   
CIP 2018-02              Rehabilitation of 0.4 MG Mason Road Elevated Storage Tank Award View View
CIP 2018-01 Business Park Pump Station Improvements Project Award View View
CIP 2018-04 Sugar Creek and Lakeview Groundwater Treatment Plant Improvements Award View View
CIP 2018-03 Brooks Lake Diversion-Amil Gate Replacement Project Award View View
RFQ 2018-02 Engineering Services for Lift Station Assessment Award View View
ITB 2018-04 Meter Replacement Program Award View View
CIP 2018-005 Lift Station Rehabilitation Dulles No.1 (#136), Dulles No. 2 (#137), Ferry Landing (#125), and Vista Lakes (#106) Award View View
ITB 2018-05 Central Unit Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Improvements Award View View
ITB 2018-06 Post-Harvey Road System Repair Project   View  
ITB 2018-07 HVAC PM and On-Call Services Award View View
ITB 2018-08 Large Water Meter Testing   View  
ITB 2018-09 Purchase of Fleet Replacement Vehicles   View  
RFP 2018-03 Operation, Maintenance, and Management of the Wastewater Treatment Plants and Reclaimed Water Facility   View  
ITB 2018-10 Sweetwater Boulevard Left Turn Improvements at Lexington Boulevard and Easton Avenue Median Removal at US 90A   View  
RFQ 2018-12 Health and Welfare Benefits Consultant   View  
ITB 2018-11 Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals   View  
RFQ 2018-13 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Administrative Consulting Services Award View View
CIP 2018-006 Collection System Rehabilitation Project D (Package #1 - CIPP)   View  
CIP 2018-007 Covington Woods Paving and Drainage Improvements Jess Pirtle Side Streets and Greywood Drive   View  
ITB 2018-14 Three Tier Wireless Maintenance   View  
CIP 2018-008 Dairy Ashford Road Widening   View  
CIP 2018-009 Rehabilitation of the 0.42 MG Ground Storage Tank No.3 and 0.42 MG Ground Storage Tank no.4 at Lakeview Water Plant   View