Project Process & Schedule

The objective is to create a plan that is the foundation of clear mobility priorities that the City of Sugar Land can pursue to achieve its Vision of Superior Mobility.

This includes five project tasks:

Mobility Master Plan Approach


  • Case for Action | Why are we doing this?
  • Vision and Goals | Where do we want to go?
  • Metrics | How will we measure progress?
  • Strategies and Recommendations | What will we do to get there?
  • Implementation Plan | When and how will this happen and who will do it?

Project Timeline

Development of the City’s first integrated Mobility Master Plan is a significant undertaking which is expected to take two to three years to complete. Implementation of the Plan will begin after City Council adoption. In addition, upon completion of the Mobility Master Plan, staff will initiate development of multiple area plans (i.e. neighborhood, corridor plans). These area plans will recommend specific Capital Improvement Projects to ultimately implement the overall Mobility Master Plan.

Sugar Land Mobility Master Plan Schedule

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