The Hill Area Residential (HR-1) Zoning District

What is the HR-1 Zoning District?

The Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district is one of the standard zoning districts in the City of Sugar Land. The City uses zoning to regulate land uses and the physical development of land such as the size of buildings, and how buildings relate to their surroundings, including other buildings, open spaces, and the street.

The HR-1 zoning district is a residential zoning district for the neighborhood known as The Hill and was created with the adoption of the Development Code in 1997. This area is zoned differently due to the historic nature of the homes in this area, dating back to the 1920s when Sugar Land was a company town. However, the current regulations do not require new construction to build in character with the existing homes. 

The following Quick Reference Guide pulls excerpts from the Development Code for The Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district and provides a snapshot of the current regulations. This guide is not a substitute to the regulations found in the Development Code and Code of Ordinances.

Proposed Changes to the HR-1 Zoning Regulations


During Phase I of The Hill Community Engagement project, extensive public feedback indicated that maintaining the character of The Hill is important to The Hill community. The current HR-1 zoning regulations do not require new construction to build in character with existing homes in The Hill. In fact, many of the current HR-1 zoning regulations are the same as the Standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) zoning district regulations that apply to most modern single-family subdivisions within Sugar Land.

As a result of public feedback in Phase I, The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee is recommending changes to the HR-1 zoning regulations to help maintain the character of The Hill. Initial recommendations for implementation in Phase II, currently underway, include:

  • Allowing porches to be closer to the front property line, 
  • Modifying existing garage regulations,
  • Relocating HR-1 zoning regulations to a separate section within the Development Code, and
  • Including homes east of Wood Street and north of Lakeview Drive into the HR-1 zoning district.

Draft RegulationsMeetings Agendas

City staff drafted regulations for the above recommendations and reviewed with The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee. The Hill Community was invited to provide input on the proposed regulations via the City’s Online Town Hall from February 28 to April 30, 2020. The following document is a draft of the proposed HR-1 zoning regulations, including regulations that have not changed. Any new or modified regulations are marked in yellow. 

Upcoming Public Hearings on May 28th

Public Hearings for the proposed rezoning and changes to the regulations were originally scheduled for the March 26th Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting; however, due to COVID-19, the public hearings were postponed. The public hearings are now rescheduled for the May 28th Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and will conducted online. The meeting will live stream on SLTV 16 on May 28, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. Sugar Land Comcast Cable Subscribers can also tune-in on Channel 16.

Members of the public desiring to make comments during the public hearings may submit their written comments to the Office of City Secretary ( Comments should reference the hearing in the subject line, must be received by 3:00 p.m., Thursday, May 28, 2020, then will be read into the record during the public hearing. Members of the public desiring to make their comments during the published date and time of the public hearings must e-mail ( or call ((281) 275-2730) the Office of the City Secretary by 3:00 p.m., Thursday, May 28, 2020 to register and receive instructions for direct participation during the hearings.

Should the Centers of Disease Control, and/or the prevailing appropriate authority, lift the restrictions related to social distancing and the avoidance of large and small gatherings in public spaces prior to 72 hours of the date of the public hearings, the City of Sugar Land will provide notice to the public on the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agenda.

Future Additional Changes to the HR-1 Zoning Regulations

The implementation of additional Phase I recommendations related to the design and character of The Hill will be presented to The Hill Community at a later date.