City Manager

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Organization & Structure
  3. Services and Levels

Mission Statement

Lead the organization in enhancing the quality of life in the community through a commitment to excellence in the delivery of public service and by ensuring the operations of the City are aligned with the goals and vision established by the City Council. Through the implementation of the City Council vision and goals, the City Manager’s Office will work to ensure that Sugar Land is a safe, beautiful, inclusive, and environmentally responsible community. Together with the entire organization, the City Manager’s Office is committed to advocating for responsible city government, citizen engagement, and ensuring Sugar Land remains a community in which residents take great pride.    

Executive Summary

The City of Sugar Land’s City Manager’s Office, like many cities in Texas operating under the Council-Manager form of government, combines the political leadership of elected officials with the managerial experience of an appointed City Manager. The Office has a total of 18 full time employees with a fiscal year 2020 budget of $2,743,039. Operational hours are Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

The City Manager’s Office main responsibilities include:

      - acting as Chief Executive Officer to the organization;

      - adopting, executing, administering, and modifying personnel policies; and

      - administering City programs and services under the direction of the City Council

All employees report to the City Manager, with the exception of the Municipal Judge, who is also appointed by the City Council. The City Manager is supported by the executive team, consisting of the Assistant City Managers, Director of Special Projects, Director of Public Affairs, and the Assistant to the City Manager. Together, the executive team ensures that all departments are working together to fulfill the City’s priorities and the larger vision established by the community and the City Council.

The City Manager’s Office provides administrative and executive-level services to residents along with supporting our elected officials – the City Council. The services that the City Manager’s Office provides are supported by all City departments.

Office affiliations include International City/County Management Association (ICMA), Texas City Management Association (TCMA), and Texas Municipal League (TML).

Awards and Accolades

Retired City Manager Allen Bogard, who served in the position for nearly twenty years, was recently honored with the Award for Career Excellence by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). City Manager Michael Goodrum recently received distinction as an ICMA Credentialed Manager.