Process and Planning

The City is embarking upon a new planning process to address mobility in Sugar Land.  The plan is to consolidate three existing mobility plans:

The Mobility Master Plan will be the first step in a two-step process for mobility planning in Sugar Land.

First Step

The City’s first aim of the new planning process is to create a new consolidated mobility plan that combines all modes of transportation and provides high-level strategic guidance for mobility. The existing mobility plans were developed at different times and with differing levels of public input. Some address the same modes and elements of mobility, and in some cases provide different guidance for implementation. The City’s goal for consolidating these mobility plans is to improve implementation coordination and document clear policy guidance across all modes of transportation in one plan.

Second Step

The second aim is to provide a separate planning process to address neighborhood and corridor specific issues that are difficult to address during a city-wide planning effort. Once the high-level Mobility Master Plan is complete, the next step would be to develop multiple area and corridor plans to address specific projects based on policy guidance established in the Mobility Master Plan. This two-layered approach will allow the City to target the particular audience that will be most affected by proposed mobility projects in their area, and to develop solutions for local mobility problems based on policy guidance from the Mobility Master Plan