Sugar Land G.O. Bond

Sugar Land City Council has scheduled a $90 million general obligation bond election for November 5 to address drainage, public safety facilities, streets, and an animal shelter.

Although there is approximately $45 million in debt capacity over the fiscal year 2021-2023 timeframe, that is not sufficient to support the total $90 million worth of projects identified in the proposed GO Bond, therefore a projected 3 cents tax rate increase is needed to cover the funding gap.

Countdown to Early Voting

Early voting for the November 5, 2019 election begins October 21.

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GO Bond Propositions Project Distribution

GoBond Project Distribution

53% Drainage [Proposition A]

29% Public Safety/Public Facilities [Proposition B]

11% Streets [Proposition C]

7% Animal Shelter [Proposition D]

The projects have been identified by residents through various avenues including the citizen satisfaction survey, public meetings after weather events and studies and master plans. The projects are distributed across the City.

Should residents approve funding for the projects they’ve identified as important, the tax rate impact will represent $10 per month for the average Sugar Land homeowner. With voter approval, the projects will be funded in future capital programs to begin in fiscal years 2021 to 2023.

Sugar Land voters will have an opportunity to vote on four separate propositions on Nov. 5 that address drainage, public safety facilities, streets and an animal shelter.

Bond Propositions Projects Map

Image - City Limits Map

The GO Bond projects map provides a city-wide perspective on proposed GO Bond projects including additional details on all projects.

Stay Informed

All residents are encouraged to stay informed as the GO Bond Election process moves forward.

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