Department of Innovation

The Department of Innovation is a team of strategic thinkers who work on progressive, forward-thinking initiatives that benefit the entire organization, and ultimately our residents.  

The Department of Innovation reinforces the City Council commitment of the “Sugar Land Way” through creative approaches and out of the box thinking that sets Sugar Land apart as a unique and exceptional place to live, work, and have fun. 

The department is lead by the Chief Innovation Officer who is responsible for initiatives that will push the City to the forefront of innovation. This is done by integrating new ideas into processes and infrastructure as well as improving operations and positively influencing the quality of life for the City by using data analytics to help make informed decisions to deliver efficient and effective services. 

Goals and Focus

With the overall mission to provide efficient and better services to our residents, the “Sugar Land Way”, the Department of Innovation strives to:

  • Promote accountability
  • Increase transparency
  • Research, plan and implement customer service enhancements
  • Review best practices and conduct benchmark analysis
  • Encourage continuous improvement
  • Measure, track, analyze, and report on performance measures
  • Foster a culture of innovation
  • Ensure resources align with the city’s mission and values with the goal of maximizing every dollar that supports city services.
  • Lead Smart City Strategies
  • Connect the City and resources with a new generation of problem-solvers in the community
  • Lead the operational and process excellence program

Winner of ICMA Certificate of Distinction in Performance Management

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) recognized Sugar Land for its data-driven management and reporting efforts with a Certificate of Distinction.


Internal Assessments

The city of Sugar Land conducts organizational assessments to improve the delivery of city services by enhancing efficiency, accountability and transparency. The program aligns with the city’s mission, which is to “enhance the quality of life in the community by a commitment to excellence in the delivery of public service.”

Starting as a project in 2016, assessments are now an established program within the city’s Department of Innovation. Most assessments are conducted by Innovation Department staff, however, some departments require subject matter expertise that involves a consultant, such as public safety departments (Fire-EMS, Police and Public Safety Dispatch).

Goal Measures Dashboard

The city's goal measures dashboard serves as an account of the city's performance on 30 key operations. These operations are organized into priorities, also known as City Council's Mid-Term priorities. Through the establishment of mid-term priorities, City Council provides direction for city management in order to meet the city's vision.

 In addition, the goal measures dashboard aims to:

  • educate residents on the city's performance
  • identify areas of operational improvement
  • assist city management and elected officials in making data-driven decisions on key priority areas
  • enhance government accountability and transparency

Learn more about the Goal Measures Dashboard.

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