Innovative Constraint

The City’s focus on resiliency and innovative constraint has enabled us to maintain our financial strength and continue providing the high quality services that are important to our residents – even during challenging swings in the economy.  Our approach in the proposed FY19 budget continues this focus – particularly in public safety, infrastructure and the modernization of important accountability tools.

Feeling Safe

Banner - Fire Department

Feeling safe while living, working, and playing is the cornerstone of Sugar Land’s quality of life, the proposed budget recommends funding innovative training and equipment enhancements in the Fire/EMS Department.  This includes purchase a modular fire training facility and laboratory equipment to train paramedics and first responders in providing critical fire response and care to EMS patients. Additionally, the proposed budget identifies funding for investments in equipment upgrades, such as replacing a portion of the Department’s bunker gear, as well as a ladder truck.

Accountability & Transparency

Accountability and transparency have never been more important, the proposed budget recommends funding the replacement of the City’s aging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which is built on technology that is well over 25 years old.  ERP systems integrate the financial, transactional and accountability functions of the organization into one cohesive application – providing efficiency and continuity of information, as well as an avenue in which the City can provide increased transparency and through which citizens can interact with their government.

Replacing the City's ERP system is a key step in the City's ability to move forward with future transparency initiatives such as an Automated Meter Information (AMI) system for the City's water customers, which could assist the City with early identification of customers with above their normal water usage.

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Mobility Improvements

The City is committed to a multi-faceted approach through capital projects and cutting-edge technology to reduce the amount of time residents spend in their cars.  The proposed budget includes an update to the City’s Intelligent Transportation Program.

Mobility Related Capital Projects:

  • Triple Left Turn Lane SH6 at US 59
  • Sweetwater/Elkins Improvements
  • SH6/ Settlers Way Improvements