About the Animal Advisory Board

Board Membership

The creation of the board is directed by state law. Appointments to the board are made following membership requirements and qualifications as required by state law.

All members are selected through an application process and must be a resident of the City of Sugar Land. The membership is to include:

  • A licensed Veterinarian
  • A representative from an animal welfare organization
  • A citizen of the city that actively volunteers with the animal services division
  • A person whose duties include daily operation of an animal shelter
  • A municipal official

Board Meetings

State law requires that the board meet at least three (3) times a year, however, the board is currently meeting at least once a month. The meetings are open to the public and provide a public comment period at the beginning of each meeting. Citizens are encouraged to attend and directly address the Animal Advisory Board with any concerns.

The meeting agendas are posted on the city website at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.