Annexation of Greatwood & New Territory

Photo of Greatwood and New Territory Entrances

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About the Annexation
Background information on the annexation of Greatwood and New Territory.

Annexation Resources
Learn more about City services and expected changes due to the annexation.

Annexation Map by MUD
Map displaying areas to be annexed divided by Municipal Utility Districts.

Annexation Performance

As a result of over ten years of planning and funds set aside specifically for the annexation of Greatwood and New Territory, the City completed one of the largest and most successful annexations in state history. All commitments to both annexed areas as well as existing residents have been met – including the commitment existing residents would not experience increased costs as a result of the annexation. The annexation continues to provide positive impacts into the future- with an estimated $1.2 million remaining in the annexation funds at the end of this year that can be utilized for repayment of debt from the annexed districts.

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