Land Use Advisory Committee

What is the Land Use Advisory Committee?

The Land Use Advisory Committee consists of City and ETJ residents and has been guiding the City’s project to update the Land Use Plan over the last three years. The LUAC serves as a sounding board for ideas. Its tasks include reviewing public input and technical analysis and considering policy recommendations. The LUAC represents the interests of the community by providing detailed input and feedback on the plan. It also serves as a champion for the project within the community.
The original LUAC included 16 members of the community; however between 2013 and 2015 a few positions were vacated. Therefore the City sought to fill these vacancies on the committee. The process for selecting the new members of the LUAC was the same as when the committee was originally formed, including application by interested residents and appointment by the Mayor.

2016 LUAC Work

In February 2016, Mayor Thompson re-appointed ten returning members and six new members to the Land Use Advisory Committee. The six new members filled vacancies created by previous LUAC members that moved out of the area or were no longer able to participate in the committee. The new LUAC consists of the following members:
  • Debby Coffman, Co-Chair (returning member)
  • Bob Ring, Co-Chair (returning member)
  • Kelley Austin (new member)
  • Ravi Arora (returning member)
  • Heather Davis, Planning & Zoning Commission Representative (returning member)
  • Nish Gurnani (returning member)
  • Erum Jivani (new member)
  • Taylor Landin (returning member)
  • Carol McCutcheon (new member)
  • Julia Mickum (returning member)
  • Chelsea Ngyugen (returning member)
  • Jordan Schlafer (returning member)
  • Karolena Serratos (returning member)
  • Glen Smith (new member)
The new LUAC began meeting in March 2016 and has met every three weeks since that time. The committee has discussed the draft vision, goals, and policies that were proposed previously and presented during the two public meetings in December 2014 and September 2015. Though the committee has recommended a number of changes to the draft document, the substance of the vision, goals, and policies has remained similar to that previously presented. Revisions recommended by the committee will be presented in an upcoming public meeting, tentatively scheduled for early 2017.

In addition to discussing the draft vision, goals and policies, the committee has also been tasked to study the considerations documented in Resolution 15-37 regarding multi-family residential housing and Planned Development Districts. Through the adoption of Resolution 15-37, City Council directed the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider several changes to the City’s Development Code. After significant study and discussion, the Commission found that the most appropriate place for such discussions would be through the Land Use Plan process that is currently underway. As such, the LUAC has begun discussion regarding the considerations documented in Resolution 15-37. Any recommendations that result from these discussions will be documented in revisions to the vision, goals, policies, and actions that will be brought forward during the upcoming public meeting.