2016 - 2017 Budget Process

City Hall building at night
Responsible Government begins with a clear and transparent budget process.

Low Tax Rates & High Level of Services

How can the City accomplish both? The answer is sales tax and targeted property tax cuts. Learn more.

Latest Budget News

City Manager Submits Proposed Budget

City Manager Allen Bogard recently submitted to City Council a proposed $260.4 million budget for fiscal year 2017. Learn more.

Proposed Budget - Quick Facts

  • $260.4 million - proposed budget for fiscal year 2017
  • Focus is to maintain the City’s high quality services
  • Homestead exemption raised to 10 percent to offset an anticipated 3 percent increase in the average residential tax bill
  • Water and wastewater rates unchanged for a sixth consecutive year
  • Residential solid waste and recycling costs will increase 77 cents per month
  • Funding of a workforce of 722.5 full-time employees

Proposed Budget Presentation to City Council

How does the City maintain one of the state's lowest tax rates while funding a high level of City services? How is tax relief provided? These and other questions are answered by City Manager Allen Bogard. Watch and learn to connect the dots.

Tough Jobs - Budgeting

Navigating the City's budget can be difficult, see how the "Magic of Budgeting" can help make it a lot easier.