About the Update

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan (PROSMP) aims to provide guidance and vision for the future of parks, open spaces, and recreational opportunities in Sugar Land. The PROSMP is one of eight City master plans that implements goals from the Comprehensive Plan. A review of the last (2005) parks plan in 2015 revealed that 90 percent of the projects have been completed, designed or included in the current capital improvement program budget. An update is required to evaluate future needs.

The Update Process

With the goal of creating a five-year implementation strategy, the project will utilize a combination of the following:
  • public input
  • existing inventory
  • assessments 
  • implementation action plan recommendations and cost estimates
  • prioritization


Phase I - Summer and Fall 2016

City staff worked in close partnership with the Parks, Art, Recreation, Culture and Streetscapes Board (PARCS Board); residents; the Planning and Zoning Commission; and City Council. The PARCS Board’s role is to provide feedback and be a sounding board for ideas and recommendations for the update. The PARCS Board also participated in stakeholder meetings and other forms of public input. The result of Phase I is a summary of the residents’ needs and preference, and a comprehensive inventory of the overall parks system.

Phase II - Winter 2016 till Now

A list of recommendations was generated based on the public input and the system needs assessment from Phase I. The PARCS Board conducted a series of focused workshops and prioritized the recommendation items. An Implementation Action Plan draft was created based on the PARCS Board’s prioritization exercise and staff’s input.    

Another Open House is planned to share the priorities with the public and gain any feedback before the Plan is finalized. 

With the help of the many citizens that have provided their input and with the dedication of the PARCS Board we will continue to build a system that can provide healthy, fun, and interactive parks and programs for residents of all ages, cultures and abilities.

Public Engagement

As always, public engagement is critical to the master plan update process to identify the community’s vision for the future of Sugar Land’s parks and green space. Residents have provided invaluable input through a mail-in survey of randomly selected households throughout the City, as well as an on line Town Hall where comment could be shared.  Meetings with specific stakeholders such as senior citizens, youth sports associations, event planners, police/security providers, and others were held to gain specific knowledge to plan for future endeavors.  An Open House on August 28, 2016 was held at City Hall to allow people to visit with City staff about their concerns and desires for future facilities and programs.

The PARCS (Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Streetscapes) Board is a group of committed citizens who meet monthly with City staff to provide input on various quality of life initiatives.  These nine citizens have been deeply involved with the planning process as the steering committee.  They have been reviewing the plan as the data has been collected and have been reviewing and providing comments as each chapter in the plan is completed.  All of this background input and information is utilized to determine the priority facilities and activities considerations for Sugar Land’s next five to ten years.