City Tactics and Techniques

Mosquito Spraying

The City sprays for mosquitoes every Friday during the months of May through October. Spraying will start each evening at approximately 9 p.m. The City uses an EPA approved application called Kontrol 30-30 (EPA Regulation No. 73748-5). 

Ditch & Sewer Treatments

In addition to mosquito spraying, the City treats drainage ditches and the storm sewer system (areas of standing water) with Environmental Protection Agency-approved Altosid briquettes. This is the most effective approach in reducing the mosquito population by killing the mosquito larvae before it has the opportunity to become an adult.

Larvacide Program Map
The map above shows the zones throughout Sugar Land that will be treated with Larvacide Pellets. Click the map for an enlarged view. *This file is large and may vary in the amount of time it takes to fully load depending on the speed of your connection.


The city currently traps and test mosquitoes for West Nile Virus. Traps, as pictured below, are set up around the city.

Mosquito Control Tactics and Techniques