Planned Development Districts

The Planned Development (PD) district is designed to permit flexibility and encourage a more creative, efficient, and aesthetically desirable design and placement of buildings, open spaces and circulation patterns by allowing a mixture or combination of uses and to best utilize special site features. The Planned Development Districts below have been approved by City Council for Development in the City.
  Ordinance Number
 Ordinance Name
  Ordinance 0397 Fluor Corporate
  Ordinance 1026 Sugar Landing
  Ordinance 1345 Sweetwater Court Townhomes FDP
  Ordinance 1430 First Crossing FDP
  Ordinance 1589 Crossing At Telfair Phase I FDP
  Ordinance 1676 Sugar Land Town Square FDP
  Ordinance 1683 Telfair Central GDP
  Ordinance 1717 Telfair Central Museum Site (City property) FDP
  Ordinance 1796 Crossing at Telfair Sec. 2,3,4 GDP
  Ordinance 1803 Crossing at Telfair Sec. 3 FDP
  Ordinance 1808 Telfair Central Residential FDP Admin. Amend. No.1
  Ordinance 1812 Telfair Central Commercial District GDP
  Ordinance 1826 Telfair Center Lakefront GDP Admin. Amend. No.1 and No.2
  Ordinance 1842 Crossing at Telfair Sec. 2 FDP Admin. Amend. No.1, No.2,No.3, No. 4 and No.5          
  Ordinance 1850 The Exchange at Telfair Phase II FDP Admin. Amend. No.1
  Ordinance 1863 Crossing at Telfair Sec. 4 Part 1 FDP Admin Amend. No. 1 
  Ordinance 1868 Lake Pointe FDP Amendment No. 5 and Admin. Amend. No.1 and No. 2
  Ordinance 1869 Costco Wholesale Corporation Telfair Center Lakefront District FDP
  Ordinance 1879 Telfair Exchange Lofts FDP
  Ordinance 1886 Imperial Ballpark Lofts FDP
  Ordinance 1887 Telfair Lakefront District East Business Park FDP Admin. Amend No.  1 and 2
  Ordinance 1891 Imperial Single-Family and Entry Sign Feature FDP
  Ordinance 1904
Museum Square FDP Admin. Amend. No.1, No.2, No. 3 & No. 4         
  Ordinance 1905 Telfair Corporate District Fluor Tract GDP
  Ordinance 1909 Telfair West Business District FDP
  Ordinance 1920 Crossing at Telfair Sec. 4 Part 2 FDP Admin. Amend. No.1
  Ordinance 1924 1314-1218 Bournewood FDP
  Ordinance 1926 Telfair West Commercial District GDP
  Ordinance 1935 Imperial Gracepoint Townhomes FDP
  Ordinance 1936 Telfair Central Reserve C FDP Admin. Amend. No. 1
  Ordinance 1956 Exchange at Telfair Phase 1 FDP
  Ordinance 1958 Holy Cross FDP
  Ordinance 1967 Nalco Champion FDP
  Ordinance 1969 Imperial GDP Amendment No. 1
  Ordinance 2009 Imperial Ballpark Tract E FDP  
  Ordinance 2017 Lake Pointe One FDP Admin. Amend. No.1 and No.2  
  Ordinance 2036 Imperial Market District FDP Admin. Amend. No. 1  
  Ordinance 2041 University Commons FDP
  Ordinance 2055 Telfair Lakefront 3.119 Acre Business Park FDP Admin. Amend. No 1  
  Ordinance 2056 Acura Sugar Land FDP  
  Ordinance 2062 Telfair Wescott - 6.26 Acres FDP  
  Ordinance 2076 Crossing at Telfair Section Four Part Two
  Ordinance 2081
Crossing at Telfair Phase I FDP
  Ordinance 2083 Imperial Residential District - Crown Garden PD FDP