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The Animal Advisory Board is being expanded to assist the City of Sugar Land with the planning and design for a new Animal Shelter.  This includes reviewing policies and procedures, identifying program elements and defining wants versus needs for the shelter. The board will also assist with creating a capital campaign.  Members must be a resident of the City, Greatwood or New Territory and meet one of the following qualifications.

  • Volunteer at the City of Sugar Land Animal Shelter
  • Adopted an animal from a shelter or rescue group
  • Demonstrated interest in the welfare of animals
  • History of involvement in local community organizations
  • Career in an animal related industry (veterinary, boarding, grooming, pet sitting, etc.)
  • Career in the medical, epidemiology or zoonotic field
  • Career or experience in wildlife management
  • Work or volunteer for a shelter or rescue group

Members serve one-year terms and are appointed annually by the City Council.  Members will meet twice a month for at least the first three months and then once a month until the project is complete.  The estimated time to complete this project is 2 years.


The PARCS Board (Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, Streetscapes) focus is on a public art plan, and to help guide parks, recreation and cultural initiatives that meet the needs of the community.  They also act as the City’s Tree Board for the Tree City USA designation.  Members serve one-year terms and must be residents of the City; and should possess skills that include having served as a parks, art or recreation advocate; landscape architect; architect; interior designer; urban planner; fine arts professional or educator; arts historian; administrator or curator; business or education leader; or philanthropist.

Applications are being accepted up to 5:00 p.m., August 23, 2017.  All applications must be submitted electronically through the city website “Serve Sugar Land Volunteer Opportunitiesunder the “Get Involved” tab on the top of the page. For the Animal Advisory Board, click on Animal Advisory Board application. For the PARCS board, click on Boards and Commissions.

Application Review Process
From the applicant pool, the City Council will select applicants for further consideration. Selected applicants will be asked to provide written response to a questionnaire, may be invited to participate in a brief in-person interview and notified of an interview schedule.

Visit the Animal Advisory Board website for more information.

Boards and Commissions
Known Openings August 2017
Animal Advisory Board 6
PARCS Advisory Board 1
For information on the board and commission application, nomination, interview and appointment process, please contact the Office of the City Secretary, 281-275-2730 or email 

or the Animal Advisory Board contact Kathryn Ketchum, Animal Services Manager, at 281-275-ADOG or email