Fiscal Year 2014

Bid Type
Bid Number
Bid Description
Status Tab Award
ITB 2014-01 On Call Pavement Rehabilitation Project Award View View
CIP WA1401
2014-001 Rehabilitation 1.0 MG Ground Storage Tank No. 2 Lakeview Water Plant Award View View
ITB 2014-02 US59/Hwy 6 In Pavement Lighting System All Bids Rejected
View View
CIP DR0803 2014-002 Sugar Mill Drainage Improvements Phase II Award View View
CIP ST0802
2014-003 Meadowcroft Boulevard Paving and Intersection Improvements Award View View
RFP 2014-04 Retail Study Award View View
CIP MU1405 & TR1301 2014-004 Ballpark and Community Signage Re-Bid CIP 2014-011
View n/a
RFP 2014-05 Convention/Conference Center Marketing Analysis Award View View
CIP WA1302 2014-005 Eldridge and Willow Bank Water Well Rehabilitation Award View View
CIP DR1001
2014-006 Sugar Creek Phase II Drainage Improvements All Bids Rejected
View View
CIP MU1301 2014-007 Parks Administration Relocation Award View View
ITB 2014-08 Purchase and Installation of an Airport Fuel Tank Rebid ITB 2014-21
View n/a
CIP PK1306
2014-008 Canoe Launch Project Award View View
ITB 2014-09 Multipolymer Pavement Marking Award View View
CIP TR1405 2014-009 University Boulevard Left Turn Lane Improvements Award View View
CIP TR1407 2014-010 US 59 Northbound U-turn Extension at SH 6 Award View View
RFQ 2014-10 Architectural Aircraft Hanger Professional Services
n/a View n/a
CIP 2014-011 Baseball Park Marquee Sign Not Awarded
View n/a
ITB 2014-12 Granular Activated Carbon Award View View
ITB 2014-13 HVAC Preventive Maintenance Award View View
CIP 2014-013 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station Not Awarded
View n/a
RFQ 2014-14 Information Technology Strategic Plan Award View View
CIP 2014-015 Collection System Critical Line Rehabilitation Project B Award View View
CIP 2014-018 Bridge Rehabilitation Project Award View View
RFQ 2014-15 Permanent Dynamic Message Signs Award View View
CIP 2014-017 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Improvements Award View View
CIP 2014-014 Sugar Creek Drainage Improvements Phase II Rebid View n/a
CIP 2014-016 Safety Improvements for Turn Lanes on W. Airport and University Award View View
RFP 2014-16 Master Lease Line of Credit Agreement Award View View
CIP 2014-012 Automated License Plate Recognition Award View View
CIP 2014-021 Operations and Maintenance Repairs to Dam 1 and Dam 2 Award View View
CIP 2014-019 Public Works Service Center Rebid View n/a
CIP 2014-020 Settlers Way Lift Station Number 116 Rehab Award View View
ITB 2014-17 Purchase of Auto Parts Award View View
RFP 2014-18 NYE 3D Production Award View View
RFP 2014-19 City-Wide Branding and Marketing Plan and Implementation Guide Award View View
ITB 2014-20 Purchase of Water Meters Award View View
CIP 2014-022 Lakefield Subdivision Paving and Water Line Improvements Award View View
CIP 2014-024 Austin Parkway Plant Replacement Well Award View View
CIP 2014-025 EMS Renovations Award View View
CIP 2014-026 Foundation Repairs Award View View
ITB 2014-21 Purchase and Installation of Airport Fuel Tank Award View View
CIP 2014-023 Collection System Critical Line Rehabilitation Project B Award View View
CIP 2014-027 Dissolved Oxygen Improvements to North and South Treatment Plants Award View View
RFQ 2014-22 Materials Testing Services Award View View
RFQ 2014-23 Covington Woods Drainage Improvements Award View View