Department & Office Business Plans

Business plans are the place where city departments and offices document all the services they offer in detail. For each service listed in the business plan, there is a definition of the service level expected. Some services include further detail through a definition of activities. If listed, each activity includes a service level expectation.

Each business plan includes the following:
  • Organizational Chart by Program & Service
  • Description of All Services Provided
  • Expected Service Levels
The business plans provide accountability for resources provided to departments and offices for the fiscal year. Services and service level expectations are based on funding provided in the fiscal year. Business plans are updated annually as part of the ongoing budget process and are utilized to identify key issues and future needs for financial forecasting.

Departments & Offices Defined

An office is defined as an organizational unit whose focus is on managing processes and coordinating the efforts of others in the city. An office is typically an extension of the city manager’s office and the directors of offices work closely with the city manager to ensure that processes are being managed appropriately to maintain a responsible city government. An office will usually have only one program, except for those with different funding sources.

A department is an organizational unit with at least one program that provides specific services directed at achieving an overall city goal (long or short term). Departments typically provide services to the public and their focus is on managing resources.