Get Involved

Serve Sugar Land

The mission of the City of Sugar Land's volunteer program, Serve Sugar Land, is to connect the citizens of Sugar Land with their government through diverse volunteer opportunities that enable the city to further expand, enhance and enrich the services it provides to the community in new and innovative ways.

Memorial Tree & Bench Program

The City of Sugar Land Parks and Recreation Department offers a Memorial Tree and Bench Program for those who wish to contribute to the beauty of the parks by purchasing a tree to be planted or a bench to be installed in someone's honor or memory.

Sugar Land Legacy Foundation

The Sugar Land Legacy Foundation is a private non-profit organization that was established in 2010 to create a vehicle for sustainable charitable and planned donations for parks and civic facilities in Sugar Land. Contributions to the Legacy Foundation will support the City of Sugar Land's acquisition, ownership, construction, development, improvement, operation or maintenance of land and facilities.