Right-Of-Way Work/Use Permits

By City Ordinance (Ordinance Number 1070), it is unlawful for any person to dig up, break up, cut, excavate, drill, or tunnel in or upon any public right-of-way, sidewalk, or street, or to place any earth or excavated material on a public 
 right-of-way, sidewalk, or street without first obtaining a Right-of-Way Work/Use Permit from the City.

If emergency work in the right-of-way that would require a permit is necessary and the City Permit Office is closed, the person doing the work must apply for a permit the next business day after the emergency work.

Submission of a completed Right-of-Way Work/Use Permit Application, along with the $76.50 Permit Fee payable to the City of Sugar Land, can be made in person to the Public Works Department located at 111 Gillingham Lane, Sugar Land TX 77478, via fax at 281-275-2360, or by email.

Completed applications should include:

  • $76.50 Permit Fee 
  • Company / applicant name 
  • Contact name and title necessary 
  • Address of applicant 
  • Telephone numbers: office, mobile and fax 
  • Location of public street rights-of-way that will be utilized (attach street map identifying location if requested) 
  • Proposed date / dates of work 
  • Description of work or activity to be performed in street or row 
  • Reason or purpose of activity 
  • Contractors / subcontractors, if applicable
  • Verification of CTP Eligibility for Chap. 283 ROW Access Form, if applicable
 Full payment of the Permit Fee and all required documentation must be submitted before the processing of the 
 Right-Of-Way Work/Use Permit. Please allow 2 business days for processing.

The permit holder must keep the permit posted at a visible place at the work site and make it available for inspection upon the request of any city employee.

If a person violates any provision of the permit, the City may issue a written Stop-Work order to the violator, directing any work or activity authorized to be done under a permit to cease until the violation is corrected. Upon receiving a Stop-Work order, the permit holder must immediately cause all work authorized under the permit to stop, but may take steps necessary to secure the site.

 It is unlawful for any person to continue work under a permit after receiving a Stop-Work order or receiving notice that a 
 Stop-Work order has been issued, or to resume the work or activity until the City withdraws the Stop-Work order.