Traffic Management Systems

Traffic Management Center

Sugar Land Public Works has a dedicated workstation room that serves as the city’s traffic management center (TMC). Some features of the TMC include:

  • Ability to monitor the 81 traffic signals maintained by the City of Sugar Land 
  • Control of the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras installed at several traffic signal locations 
This technology provides the ability to analyze traffic conditions real-time, which become especially useful when managing emergency situations (like a traffic incident on a major thoroughfare) or for traffic management at special events. In addition, the PTZ cameras are configured for traffic monitoring only and don’t have the ability to record.

Access real-time traffic conditions with Sugar Land's Real-Time Traffic Map.


Traffic Responsive System

The responsive system includes a set of detection sensors that are installed at selected signals along a synchronized roadway corridor. The sensors process traffic volumes that help determine the best signal timing plan that matches the current volumes. If a new timing plan is needed, the system communicates to the traffic signals and switches to a plan that provides adequate green time along the roadway corridor.

The traffic responsive system is currently installed on the SH 6, US 90A, Sweetwater Boulevard, and Williams Trace corridors. Plus, the volume data is an internal calculation for selecting timing plans and are not available.