Additional Traffic Systems

Emergency Preemption Devices

 All traffic signals in Sugar Land use receivers for emergency vehicle preemption. These receivers are read by transponder devices that are equipped on all Fire Department trucks and several EMS units. An emergency vehicle (in route to a call) can send a preemption signal to the traffic signal receiver. The traffic signal will then provide a green indication to the emergency vehicle. The signal preemption clears any stopped vehicles and allows the emergency vehicle faster access through the signal. Once the preemption clears, the signal returns to its normal operation.

 In addition, traffic signal receivers are routinely tested to ensure emergency preemption readiness as part of our maintenance program.

School Zone Flasher Systems

 The City of Sugar Land maintains the flasher warning systems on 32 school zone signs. The school zone flashers are used for 21 designated school zones (serving schools with children walking to and from the school campuses). At the beginning of each school session, the flasher systems are updated with the weekly school schedule, and will operate on such schedule throughout the school year.
School Zone Flashing Sign