Runway Closures and Construction Updates



We will be closing Runway 17-35 in Sugar Land (SGR) to landing traffic only Monday (7/13) night at 10pm to Thursday (7/14) morning at 6am (local time). This is due to a crane we need to erect to construct one of the piers for a bridge. This closure will only affect landing traffic but we will still allow aircraft to depart. Please reference NOTAMs 07/006 & 07/007. Expect future night closures to complete the work. We will continue to provide closure updates as dates are available.

!SGR 07/006 SGR OBST CRANE (ASN UNKNOWN) 293802N0953922W (.12NM NEAPCH END RWY 17) 130FT (55FT AGL) FLAGGED AND LGTD 2007140300-2007141100

 !SGR 07/007 SGR RWY 17/35 CLSD EXC TKOF 2007140300-2007141100


Contact Airport Operations at 281-275-2125, or GlobalSelect at 281-275-2400 for any questions or concerns.

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